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Sylvia Plath-By Candlelight
William Shakespeare-A Lover's Complaint
William Shakespeare-Sonnet I
William Shakespeare-Sonnet XVIII
William Shakespeare-Sonnet XV
William Shakespeare-Sonnet CXXVI
e. e. cummings-Buffalo Bill's
e. e. cummings-Little Tree
e. e. cummings-gee i like to think of dead
David Herbert Lawrence-In Church
David Herbert Lawrence-Twenty Years Ago
William Blake-Mad Song
Matthew Arnold-To Marguerite
William Wordsworth-I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud
Lorine Niedecker-I rose from marsh mud
Walt Whitman-As the time draws nigh
Rupert Brooke-Love
Mary Robinson-Sonnet IV (from "Sappho and Phaon")
William Cox Bennett-A Valentine
Elizabeth Barrett Browning-How do I love thee?
Mary Robinson-Sonnet IV (from 'Sappho and Phaon')
Phillis Wheatley -On Being Brought from Africa to America
William Carlos Williams-This Is Just To Say
Walt Whitman-O Captain! My Captain!
Alfred Tennyson-The Charge of the Light Brigade
George Crabbe-Late Wisdom
Patrick Edward Quinn-A Girl's Grave
Charles G. D. Roberts-Grey Rocks, and Greyer Sea
Robert Cameron Rogers-The Rosary
John Askham -Work While it is Day
Edwin Arlington Robinson -Supremacy
Sarah Fuller Adams -Nearer, my God, to Thee
Carl Sandburg-Ready to Kill
Edith Wharton-The One Grief
Edith Wharton-The One Grief
Christopher Marlowe-The Passionate Shepherd to His Love
Walter Ralegh-In Commendation of The Steel Glass
Edith Wharton-Patience
Sylvia Plath-Bitter Strawberries
Sarah Flower Adams -Love
William Allingham -A Memory
William Allingham -After Sunset
Richard Barnfield -An Ode
Rupert Brooke -Beauty and Beauty
Rupert Brooke -The Hill
Charles E. Carryl -Robinson Crusoe's Story
Benjamin Franklin King -If I should die
Byron (lord)-Darkness
Edmund Spenser -Sonnet LII
Robert Browning-The Lost Leader
Katharine Lee Bates-America the Beautiful
Edna St. Vincent Millay-Witch-Wife
Thomas Ernest Hulme -Autumn
Edmund Waller-Song
Edmund Waller-Song
Ben Jonson -Song to Celia
Christina Rossetti-Echo
Robert Burns-A Red, Red Rose
James Pierpont -Jingle Bells
Howard Ryan-Jingle Bells parody
Alfred Tennyson-Crossing The Bar
Katherine Mansfield-Camomile Tea
Byron (lord)-She Walks In Beauty
Robert Frost-Fire And Ice
Sarah Teasdale-I Am Not Yours
Edmund Spenser-Epithalamion
Carl Sandburg-The shovel man
Carl Sandburg-Statistics
Ezra Pound-Song
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow -Paul Revere's Ride
Robert Frost-Tree at my Window
Gwendolyn Brooks-We Real Cool
Gwendolyn Brooks-We Real Cool
Gwendolyn Brooks-Sadie and Maud
Lewis Carrol-Jabberwocky
Edgar Allan Poe-For Annie
Philip Larkin-Church Going
Oscar Wilde-To Milton
T.S.Elliot-The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock
William Carlos Williams-The Red Wheelbarrow
William Carlos Williams-Spring and All
Carl Sandburg-Smoke and Steel
Paul Laurence Dunbar-Little Brown Baby
David Herbert Lawrence-Apprehension
Robert Graves-A Pinch of Salt
Anna Hempstead Branch-The Monk in the Kitchen
Ezra Pound-[Greek]
Ezra Pound-Ballad for Gloom
David HerbertLawrence-Last Words to Miriam
<i>Anonymous</i>-A Ballade of the Centre
Frederick William Henry Myers -A Cosmic Outlook
Walt Whitman-One&#8217;s-Self I Sing
Rupert Brooke -Mummia
Siegfried Sassoon-Picture-Show
Thomas Hardy-The Man He Killed
T.S.Eliot-Mr. Eliot&#8217;s Sunday Morning Service
Thomas Hardy-A Meeting with Despair
Robert Frost -The Road not taken
Rupert Brooke-Peace
Edgar Lee Masters -Andy the Night-Watch


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