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Eunice Tietjens- The Bacchante to Her Babe
Anna Hempstead Branch- The Monk in the Kitchen
James Stephens- The Fullness of Time
Philip Freneau- The Parting Glass
Stephen Crane- In the Desert
Stephen Crane- Why?
Edgar Lee Masters- Cooney Potter
Robert Graves- Strong Beer
Emily Dickinson- XXXII (Hope is the thing with feathers)
Edgar Lee Masters- Searcy Foote
Mary Carolyn Davies- To Other Marys
Christina Georgina Rossetti-A Birthday
Walt Whitman- Mother and Babe
Gerard Manley Hopkins- To R.B.
Guy Wetmore Carryl- How a Cat Was Annoyed and a Poet Was Booted
Ezra Pound- Ballad for Gloom
Robert Burns, Sketch-New Year's Day, 1790
Robert Louis Stevenson - System
I Am the People, the Mob
Edgar Allan Poe - Lenore
William James Dawson - Inspirations
Ezra Pound - The Return
Oscar Wilde - Easter Day
Carl Sandburg - Old-fashioned Requited Love
Thomas Nashe - Spring
Edgar Allan Poe-The Bells
Sylvia Plath-The Mirror
Emily Dickinson-I'm nobody
Ezra Pound-Canto XLIX
William Butler Yeats-Into the twilight
Allen Ginsberg-Howl
John Keats-La belle dame sans merci
Frank O'Hara-In Memory of My Feelings
William Butler Yeats-The Black Tower
Edward Estlin Cummings-Next to of course God America...
Allen Ginsberg-Song
Elizabeth Barrett Browning-Human Life's Mystery
John Donne-The Flea
John Keats-The Eve of St. Agnes
George Herbert-Man
Richart Lovelace-The Scrutinie
Andrew Marvell-To his Coy Mistress
Ben Jonson-An Ode To Himself
William Shakespeare-Sonnet LVI
William Shakespeare-Sonnet XLVI
William Shakespeare-Sonnet CLIII
Ben Jonson-On Poet-Ape
William Blake-The Marriage of Heaven and Hell
Charles Baudelaire-Spleen
Lewis Caroll-The Palace of Humbug
Charles Baudelaire-To the reader
John Keats-Ode to a Nightingale
William Butler Yeats-Three Songs To The One Burden
Robert Lowell-Waking in the Blue
Anonymous-A Song Bewailing the Time of Christmas
Wallace Stevens-Poem Written at Morning
Emily Dickinson-I heard a fly buzz
Samuel Taylor Coleridge-Kubla Khan
Williiam Wordsworth-A Poet's Epitaph
Frank O'Hara-To My Dear Father
Randall Jarrell-The Refugees
Robert Lowell-The Drunken Fisherman
John Berryman-Dream Song 77
John Milton-Paradise Lost / Book XII
O'Hara, Frank-In Memory of My Feelings
e. e. cummings-i thank You God
William Blake-The Chimney Sweeper
John Keats-Robin Hood
Frances Bannerman-An Upper Chamber
Margaret L. Woods-Genius Loci
Jessica Powers-The Dead
Charlotte Mew-In The Fields
Thomas Gray-Conan
Francis W. Bourdillon-On the South Downs
John Oldham-A Quiet Soul
Anonymous-Sir Gawayne and the Grene Knyght
e. e. cummings-it may not always be so
Gregory Corso-The Mad Yak
Robert Frost-Mending Wall
Allen Ginsberg-Sphincter
Samuel T. Coleridge-Forbearance
Robert Frost-The Telephone
Marianne Moore-Baseball and Writing
Thomas S. Elliot-Little Gidding V
Edgar Allen Poe-The Raven
Sabine Baring-Gould-Onward, Christian Soldiers
Lewis Carroll-Jabberwocky
Samuel Taylor Coleridge-Work Without Hope
Edward Lear-The Jumblies
Hilda Doolittle-Sea Rose
Lorine Niedecker-Don't tell me property is sacred!
William Jay Smith-Epigrams
Anonymous-Beowulf I-VIII
Samuel T. Coleridge-Christabel
Matthew Arnold-The Buried Life
Beda Venerablis-Death Song
Sylvia Plath-Faun
Sylvia Plath-Winter Landscape, with Rooks
Sylvia Plath-Last Words
Sylvia Plath-Edge


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